Our Vision

Long gone are the days, when men used to use locally available materials to materialize their dream homes. With the advent of modern technology and material sciences, a host of complexities have crept into building construction. All the factors, such as, climate, wind direction, sunlight, topography etc affect the construction of buildings. In earlier times, we used to have utmost two or three storeyed buildings and the expertise of amateur masons were enough for their construction, but as the size and demand on buildings’ purposes have increased, no one else but an expert, can properly carry out building construction.

We, at Sagar Constructions, provide you with the state of the art technical expertise which is required to construct a durable, aesthetically pleasing and reliable building conforming to modern standards. Our team of architects ensures the optimum space utilization and convenience to the occupants in planning a building. In Kerala, the heavy rainfall causes most of the improperly constructed buildings to leak profusely during the monsoon seasons. We, with our treasure of experience, strictly follow the quality control norms and carry out the optimum utilization of resources. The utilization of low cost, durable and energy efficient construction techniques, we not only save our clients’ pockets but also minimize environmental pollution and degradation. Hence at the end our customers are at advantage, since they have to spend only a meager amount on the annual maintenance of their buildings. Our team of experts most of them who have vast experience in the field of construction are very much dedicated and carries out the construction work at a steady and fast rate. Right from the selection of site, the orientation of building, the soil investigation etc to the design of shell roofs we have expertise. Our structural design experts will protect your buildings from earth quakes and storms.

Our technicians are constantly researching ways to utilize new and improved building materials which can replace traditional building materials. Our incorporation of renewable energy sources into buildings have brought down the conventional energy consumption of both residential and commercial buildings. Rain water harvesting has also improved water utilization in most of our recently completed projects. We aim at sustainable utilization of nature and its resources.

While running through the fast lane we don’t forget to take into consideration our heritage in construction. Our vaastu experts play an important role in fixing the orientation of all our buildings. Multistoreyed buildings or villas or construction of auditoriums or stadiums, you say it we do it. Our software experts provide you with the walk through view of the buildings, even before its work has started. So what are you waiting for? If you have a dream. Take one step towards Sagar Constructions. Your work is half done.